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Britain, why so xenophobic?

I wrote today a blog post about Britain being a dick in regards to the „Romanian invasion” and all. Actually, only about 100 Romanians came into UK on January 1st and most of them were guys who already work there. Only 4% of the people asked in 2013 if they would go and work in UK said that they would.

No invasion there as a couple of tens of thousands, at most, would cross the gates to UK. As Dorin says, there is no need to act like a xenophobic bitch when the real reason is racism. You guys do not like Romas and thus you bash Romanians for this.

First of all, dear Britain, please admit that you can’t handle Romas better than we could. Not even the treasonous France could control the Romas as they wanted to.

Secondly, most of the guys that would come in there and are NOT Romas are trying to find a good place to work and they will help your economy. Romanians are quite an intelligent bunch, albeit they behave like mere sheeps in their own country, but that is story for another time.

Why am I writing in English? Because I want you to know that Romanians are capable of many good things and they are hard working lads, as you’d say it.

Welcome Romanians and learn how to control the Romas, that’s all you need to do.

Britain, don’t be xenophobic or otherwise racist, okay?

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